Chef Rene-Etienne Over 25 years experience in French Cuisine
Chef Rene-Etienne
A true taste of French Cuisine The best in Hong-Kong
A true taste of French Cuisine
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Cook from your home Chef Rene will teach you his secrets...
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Welcome to French Cooking Class

Chef Rene-Etienne
 has over 30 years experience in French cuisine, was an Executive Chef and now is a full time Chef instructor in French Cooking Class. He had appeared on TVB Jade culinary show 'Original Food' and featured in numerous local newspapers and magazines such as Sing Tao Daily, Apply Daily, Hong Kong Walkers, Hong Kong Magazines and U Magazine, etc...

Chef Rene's aim is to give you a very personal experience of the true taste of traditional French cuisine. He is enthusiastic to assist you into the fun world of French cooking including the starters, main courses, desserts, bakery, etc...
He is desirous to share the knowledge of great recipes (including SECRETs) and his special techniques of classical and neo-classical French cuisine. Chef Rene can also bring you a positive atmosphere and like being at home. After class, we can enjoy your “Reward” at our workshop.


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